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House Cleaning Notting Hill

Affordable Domestic Cleaning Services for Your Home

Domestic cleaning services are no longer a luxury that only a few can enjoy. Our prices are affordable and will fit into your budget so why not leave all of your cleaning chores to us so you can enjoy your free time with friends and family rather than scrubbing, wiping, and cleaning your home? Cleaners Notting Hill can provide you with both one-offs, daily, weekly, or fortnightly cleanings depending on your requirements and budget.

Professional House Cleaning Tailored to Your Needs

Our house cleaners are extensively trained and comprehensively insured in order to provide you with efficient, affordable, and trustworthy house cleaning services that you are going to love!

If you decide you want to book this service as a one-off house cleaning, we will send a team of professionals that are going to take care of the cleanliness of every room top-to-bottom. This is a deep cleaning that is recommended once every few months.

If you decide you want to make a commitment and schedule regular house cleaning visits, we will send a maid to maintain the spotless living space you deserve – from taking care of washing, laundry, and ironing to dusting, hoovering, mopping, and general tidying up.

Book Your Cleaning Today: 07418 353 640

Simply give us a call on 07418 353 640 so we can discuss all details about the service and all of your requirements. Then, we will provide you with a FREE non-obligatory quote and schedule the appointment whenever you want – we do work 7 days a week so you can book us whenever it’s convenient to you!